January 26, 2014

Well, I can’t say I’ve done anything particularly interesting today..  fed the felines, fed the husband…  MIL came over, so I fed her, too 🙂  

I did create a new website in case anyone is looking to get married and needs an officiant.  Maybe I can make that in to a little business or something..  http://officates.webs.com/ 

We need to gain some experience, so the price is quite low… if ya know anyone… 😀

Still offering out my services as babysitter/general housework person, too.

I tried to make a little air freshener concoction of orange peels and vanilla extract in water…  managed to just all the water evaporate…  does smell nice in here, though!!

Weight today was 257.2, up .2 from yesterday, but I’m not worried yet.  Had some roast for breakfast, MIL says it was wonderful!  (proud of myself)

Well, I think I’ll make this a short post and sign off now.  Visit my new website and send me some traffic if you will!  


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