I stumbled upon this little gem today on fb. Image



This is my thought process on it:   I see a lot of “This writer’s a jerk” comments on the site it’s posted on, but what I saw was that the first part is how a lot of people see themselves/others see them or say about them. The second part was what people should hopefully see in the long run about themselves… that trying to better oneself is a good thing, despite what “haters” might say/think.

Also, special thanks to Calie for buying my book 🙂  I hope you enjoyed it.  I’ve got a couple favorites in there 🙂  www.lulu.com/hayesis for those who’ve forgotten or didn’t see the site previously and are interested in checking it out.

I’m pretty tired and “energy-less” today, so hopefully the day will go quickly and I can go back to bed and find/capture some more energy for later/tomorrow 🙂  

I think I am in a better mood today.  I might put my ceramic ducks on the shelf above the doorway in the “office” room instead of the China Hutch, I think they’d like it better up there 🙂




I’ve been debating if I wanted to type this out today.  Apparently I’ve decided to, so here goes –whatever the consequences–…

Sometimes I muse that people are secretly thinking I am not a very good wife, that I don’t take good enough care of B, that I don’t work enough to help pay the bills, the house isn’t ever clean enough, and that I’m entirely too lazy.  Then I figure out that sure, maybe others are thinking that, but mostly it’s just me thinking it myself.  One would think I would do something about it, so why don’t I?  I do not have an answer for that one, other than the fact I’m lazy 😦  Where do I find the motivation to improve?  Where do I get the “old me”?  Do I go back in time, kidnap her and suck out the essence of her motivation and inject it into the “now” me?

Sometimes I fight with being “depressive”, I know I don’t have any right to feel that way because my life is pretty good — loving husband, nice part time job with cool co-workers, cats that let me know they want me around when I have treats :p, so I don’t know why/what triggers it, just that sometimes I don’t feel like I’m good enough and it kind of just goes from there.

Sometimes I feel like I’m a very large baby who can’t keep emotions in check or react to “hurts” in an adult manner.  Some people develop a thick skin, I’m not one of them.

There’s my post that people might think “Why would she post that?  That’s not appropriate!”, but I guess it’s my blog and I can type what I want to, so hopefully someone can identify with it instead of tripping over it. *shrug*

Also, I got some ceramic ducks today from my mom.  I might put them in the China Hutch.. it’s probably the safest place for them right now.