Results of “baking days”

Saturday the bookstore crew baked cookies and made candy at Manager J’s house.  I did okay until the pizza came.  Ate 2.5 pieces (B didn’t want half of his second piece, so I ate it).  Went over calories a little because I also ate an oreo ball.  Sunday was baking cookies at mom’s day.  I didn’t eat any of them!  Then I ate a cookie from Subway the B bought because I figured I could look up the calories in that..  I don’t think I went over yesterday, though.  I still had over 100 calories left when I left mom’s and had a little banana bread before bed ’cause I was Hungry!

I also walked to mom’s in the morning to do the baking, so that was a good thing!

Last weigh in was 274.2 this morning, which is better than the 280 I started this round with.

Let’s see what Christmas and the rest of the “eat everything in sight” season brings!



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