New phone

So I bought myself a new phone for Christmas.  It’s just a little $25 Tracfone but it gives me triple minutes instead of double for the same price, so I figured it was an okay investment.  This one’s a smart phone so I can have apps again!  I have downloaded one to replace my spreadsheet since I always have access to the phone and not always to the spreadsheet.  It keeps track of what I eat and how many calories and told me I went WAY over yesterday.  I never know what to put as the calorie count on things I make at home… so I estimated a cup of the pasta/veggie/mushroom soup casserole at 400 cals each..

Better so far today.  Only ate one of the chalupas and the taco with Pepsi (yummy and WORTH IT!) that came in the meal B brought home for me since he wanted fast food today.  That means I have another chalupa for tomorrow!!!  …unless B eats it…

That’s all for now,



Results of “baking days”

Saturday the bookstore crew baked cookies and made candy at Manager J’s house.  I did okay until the pizza came.  Ate 2.5 pieces (B didn’t want half of his second piece, so I ate it).  Went over calories a little because I also ate an oreo ball.  Sunday was baking cookies at mom’s day.  I didn’t eat any of them!  Then I ate a cookie from Subway the B bought because I figured I could look up the calories in that..  I don’t think I went over yesterday, though.  I still had over 100 calories left when I left mom’s and had a little banana bread before bed ’cause I was Hungry!

I also walked to mom’s in the morning to do the baking, so that was a good thing!

Last weigh in was 274.2 this morning, which is better than the 280 I started this round with.

Let’s see what Christmas and the rest of the “eat everything in sight” season brings!



…did not go amazing.. Started out well enough with salad at the pot luck. Then got some meat and a bit of everything from the “regular food” area. Still not too bad.. The dessert table struck next. I knew I should have left before I got to that point, but I didn’t. I estimated eating about 2K calories at the pot luck.  This might be an “over” estimation (because I only had about 1/4 of a slice of a couple of pies…but a big piece of chocolate-like super chocolate-cake), but I’d rather do that than underestimate and go REALLY far over… I had a breakfast shake for 190 calories before that and a little banana bread about 8 last night.

I also had full calorie/regular pepsi.

It was delicious 😀

Anyway… I feel like I made bad food decisions but I also danced around the stores I went to with my mom and started cleaning out the garage with Husband… so I’ve done my penance and shall do better today.

Had oatmeal with chia seeds and dried fruit for breakfast. Dried fruit stuff was VERY sweet, so probably won’t add that kind again.. Plan to have chicken breast and carrot sticks for lunch before heading off to the boss’ place to bake sugary calories for faculty/staff appreciation day. Hoping I’ll be too full of chicken and carrot sticks to want any of the “snackies” over there 🙂

I’ve created a spreadsheet and put it on my Google drive so I can access it. I put in how many calories per meal and “other” calories (snacks) and it adds up how many I’ve had and how many I have left for the day based on 1200 cals a day. I don’t worry too much if I go over a little (like 2-300) because then I’m still at 1500 or less.

My Calorie Tracking Spreadsheet

My Calorie Tracking Spreadsheet

Food Log and other news.

So on my birthday we went to the store to try on clothes.  Not my favorite activity…  but it was actually alright.  We went to the Cheesecake factory first (I ordered off the “skinnylicious” menu… pretty proud of myself there…)  Clothes shopping reminds me I am entirely too large to here goes the “diet” thing again.  I shall bore everyone here with a food log today…

Today I had a “slim fast” shake (Equate brand really, what same difference I think)

Passed up the offer of a McDonald’s burrito and half a cinnamon roll from the vending machine.  (The roll was from the machine, not the burrito…)

Gave the last two pieces of my sweet potato pie away.

LOTS of water (good thing it was REALLY slow at work today..)

Came home and had two pieces of baked chicken (pretty good if I do say so myself!) and an orange.

Hungry again so now it’s 1 cup of Store Brand Cap’n Crunch and 1 cup of 2% milk with a spoon (half a spoon-full, actually) of chia seeds mixed it.  We shall see how this goes.

Seriously getting tired of myself right now, gotta change it up.