January 31, 2014

Today I finally crawled out of bed to try to finish my shopping that I started yesterday.  I went to No Frills and Walgreens, but haven’t been to Hy-Vee yet..  It’s ok, there are only a couple things I want from there, but they are really necessary..  Shopping went fine and all that, until I was checking out at Walgreens.  The cashier was great, but a couple coupons got missed (I wanted to be able to make sure they would work because some weren’t very clear on what product they could be used for).. while the poor cashier was trying to check them for me, a vender that delivers groceries decides that they must LAY on the doorbell at the receiving door…  Since I used to work at Walgreens up until about 3 weeks ago, I got p***ed for the poor girl.  The doorbell went on relentless for seemed like a full minute, distracting both of us so we couldn’t think straight and causing me to spend more than I needed to 😦

I seriously considered walking over to the delivery truck and letting them have it, but decided to just hide behind my computer and send a complaint email to that company.  Then I did the survey for Walgreens (gave all 9’s because anything lower constitutes a failing grade with corporate) and told them what a great job my cashier did despite the vendor’s rude actions.  

Remember… if you do a survey and you liked the cashier, make sure you give “9’s” because if you don’t, it’s the same as giving them all “1’s”.  

Well anyway…  I think we are pretty well set on cheese, soup, and V8 for a while 🙂  I shouldn’t have to go shopping for another few months now!!  YAY!!!


January 30, 2014

So overdid it on food at dinner 😦  Did ok before that, though so maybe it’ll even out a bit?  Oatmeal for breakfast, then I went to Baker’s and bought almost a hundred dollars of stuff…  stocked up on the soup B likes and surprised him with Marie Callender’s pot pies 🙂  Ok, I don’t actually know how to spell the last name of the person that represents that brand… but I think you get the point 🙂  The only lane open was an express lane (and self serve)..  so I asked the lady manning the self checkout area if there was another register open ‘cuz I had WAY more than 14 things (the limit was actually 12, but maybe it was lane 14, ‘cuz that’s what I said out loud) :p  The lady said it was ok to go to the express like since it was super slow in there so I did and apologized to the person running that register.  She told me that everyone feels bad when they come to her register with too many things and she was happy to do it because it gave her something to do.  ‘Course, the line started piling up a little behind me so she called a second checker and I had a flashback of the old job *eep* so I went to the end of the counter to start bagging things while we waited for a bagger-person to get there since I’m a sucker for helping people if I can :/  I was so distracted trying to help the cashier and keep the line going that I forgot to hand her the coupons I brought :O  It was alright though.. the like at Customer Service wasn’t too long and the nice lady behind that counter took care of that part for me 🙂  Also found V8 Energy drink thingies and a coupon (digital) to add to the Baker’s card before I went.. well, I found the coupon before I went, the product when I got there… so it was 3.99 instead of 4.99 for the 6 pack.  I figured I could take a chance on it for that price.  B drank one before work, then took another to go.. so I guess he likes them 🙂

I wanted to go to a couple other stores, but I felt like I was running out of time and should get back so we could get everything into the house and he could still relax before leaving for work, so I came home and did whatever random stuff I don’t remember doing.. except I do remember that I emailed my mom and told her all about the stuff I bought :p

At lunch time I had a bowl of soup with spinach and meatballs and some other random item in chicken broth or something… it was from one of the cans of soup I picked up at the store (they were 10 for $10 AND I had coupons for them!!!!!)  I… I never thought I’d be so excited to have coupons…  and I added an orange.. see, still doing well…

Then I was still hungry, so I had 8 ounces of baby carrots (sorry, carrot-mom’s…) with garlic salt sprinkled on top..  I know mom, I know…  Garlic POWDER, not Salt..  but I LIKE salt…  😀  

Then I watched more of that show I’ve been watching.  There was some cleaning up the dishes and emptying/refilling the dish washer involved in the day somewhere.. as well and cleaning the litter boxes..  I’ve been quite unproductive today though.. except for the store run..

Dinner is where everything got dicey..  I cooked one of B’s pot pies, then decided it’d be better if I had tuna sandwiches instead (I mixed it with mustard instead of mayo to hold off some of the calories), toasted the bread, added a piece of cheese, and had a couple sandwiches..  The kitties got the juice from the tuna.  That made them extremely emotional…  Happy Happy Happy Cats!!!!!!!!   I’d put the pot pie in the fridge for B to eat later (I’d packed him one in his lunch when I got back from the store.. cooked so it wouldn’t take so long and he’d have time to eat it).. but it started calling my name..  it’d been so long since I’d indulged in a pot pie… I know I should’ve waited and the “full sensor” would’ve activated… but it just… kept… CALLING…  Like a phone that never stops ringing or a facebook page that you just gotta check…  so I went to it… opened the lid of the container it was in, and touched it..  it was still WARM…  Oh my gosh…  I had to pick it up… and put it on the plate!  Then, next thing I know, I’m EATING IT!!!  Sweet Mother!!  Now I’m super stuffed and convinced I’ve learned my lesson…

But probably not..  

Until tomorrow (or next time if I’m too lazy…)


January 29, 2014

I had a bag of baby carrots today for breakfast.. I hope that it didn’t make their mom said…

Former room-mate came by to get some mail that showed up, but didn’t stay too long. It was a nice bit of company for a few minutes 🙂 I’ve been watching 2 Broke Girls lately, so I’ll probably do that today 🙂

I was planning to go to the grocery store before B had to get up and ready for work, but I got distracted for two hours with coupons and ads :O I don’t really have any patience for coupons and comparing and such, so I’m starting slow… Writing down which store has which sales I want and putting coupons for that store in and envelope labelled with the store name if I happen to have them 🙂 MIL brought over a bunch on Sunday so I have a little handful for each store. I think I’ll go shopping tomorrow so I can go to a couple different stores and not worry much about things melting/getting warm in the trunk while I’m in the other store 🙂 I take WAY too long when I’m grocery shopping, I’ll stare at items until I figure out which is the best price ‘cuz I hate spendin’ money!

I did do something productive last night… I washed the mop head ‘cuz it was getting really super gross *bleck*. Now it’s ready for more icky-ness!!

January 28, 2014

I didn’t really do anything today, so I’m just going to put in a little plug for the smart cookie I mentioned in an earlier post. Goes by Xavier Xerxes

It’s music, check it out :p


Here’s a facebook for him: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Xavier-Xerxes/496364267068951

I thought about going outside, then I looked and saw it had a “feels like” temp of 6-8 degrees F. I’m a wuss now, I’m stayin’ in after all :p (Except to go get the paper of coupons and little ads they drop off every Tuesday..) 🙂

 Here’s the chart of my weight for the last few days for those keeping up with that with me:

257.0 1/25
257.2 1/26
258 1/27
255.8 1/28

Not bad 🙂

January 27, 2014

I told B a few days ago that I could use my camera to take pictures of things to sell since he didn’t want to leave his “picture phone” for me.
I took his picture because his hair was sticking up crazily.. he tells me “You’re not going to sell me…” 😀


I’d never sell him 🙂

My productivity for the day included doing some laundry and giving the basement a first mopping. Gonna have to follow it up with lots more moppings to get all the messiness out. Our cats and our former roomie’s cats had a turf war 😦 Couldn’t get the smell out of the carpet, so we had to get rid of all the beautiful carpet that was down there. *sniffle*

Cleaned up and wiped down the kitchen counter, there was a bread maker sitting there, now it’s put away 🙂


A lot of the stuff I had on the counter and in the window sill ended up on top of the cupboards, I think it looks neato now!


I boiled a carton of the eggs I bought the other day 🙂 All peeled up and ready to eat!

I wrote this out last night, so it still counts as a daily post 🙂  I’d like to add I stayed up too late and it was awful hard not to eat from boredom, and I DID eat some candy…  a couple Nibs and a candy corn sucker… but I stopped myself before I think I overdosed on it 🙂  Also resisted the urge to have a second bowl of chili for dinner and had a couple boiled eggs instead.  I’m not gonna starve myself, just try to make better choices 🙂

January 26, 2014

Well, I can’t say I’ve done anything particularly interesting today..  fed the felines, fed the husband…  MIL came over, so I fed her, too 🙂  

I did create a new website in case anyone is looking to get married and needs an officiant.  Maybe I can make that in to a little business or something..  http://officates.webs.com/ 

We need to gain some experience, so the price is quite low… if ya know anyone… 😀

Still offering out my services as babysitter/general housework person, too.

I tried to make a little air freshener concoction of orange peels and vanilla extract in water…  managed to just all the water evaporate…  does smell nice in here, though!!

Weight today was 257.2, up .2 from yesterday, but I’m not worried yet.  Had some roast for breakfast, MIL says it was wonderful!  (proud of myself)

Well, I think I’ll make this a short post and sign off now.  Visit my new website and send me some traffic if you will!  

January 25, 2014

Today I set the alarm for 9:30 AM, got up and had a shower. Then I went to the bank and cashed in some pennies that I have had sitting around for years in a jar. There was 22 dollars and 54 cents in there! B will be happy to have the lunch money for extras if I don’t give him enough food 😀

After the bank, I went to No Frills and picked up 3 cartons of eggs for .98 each! Awesome!!! I’m going to save the cartons for someone that collects them for the fresh eggs they sell. I should ask them about that 🙂 See what they charge and such. That would be a good idea to make some money.. too bad I don’t have any chickens and wouldn’t do well trying to raise them anyway :p

I also got 3 roasts for 1.99/lb and a couple frozen chicken breasts for the same price. Loaded up on V8 Splash (2/$4.00) and apple juice for B. Got some fresh veggies (carrots, an onion, and mushrooms) to put in the roast (already had some potatoes at home). Roast is in the crock pot and chili is on the stove.


The Roast

Chili has a few hashbrown” pieces, a can of diced tomatoes, hamburger, chopped onion, random veggies, mushrooms… I think it will be yummy.


The Chili

I got two bags of regular, full sized carrots (1.29/lb) and cut them up for the roast and the rest into carrot sticks for me to snack on 🙂


The carrot sticks!

Here is the kitty begging me to drop some meat (or Anything!!) into his kitchen snack bowl 🙂  


The patient baby..

Well, it’s evening now so  I consider my exploits completed for the day 🙂  The chili was very good, I limited myself to 1 cup of chili with a little cheese and too many crackers.  I had a bowl of carrots with spaghetti sauce for snack, then some cake (and made B eat some, too) to finish it off so it wasn’t around to tempt me further 😉

The roast is still cooking, probably another hour…  I love crock pots!!!!!


Soooo……. I won’t have to cook for a week 😀

I’ve been offering my services as a babysitter, but no bites yet.  I do have a friend that has mentioned I almost have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and indicated I might try to start my own 🙂  He’s a smart cookie, that one!  

Any ideas for me, y’all?