January 27, 2014

I told B a few days ago that I could use my camera to take pictures of things to sell since he didn’t want to leave his “picture phone” for me.
I took his picture because his hair was sticking up crazily.. he tells me “You’re not going to sell me…” 😀


I’d never sell him 🙂

My productivity for the day included doing some laundry and giving the basement a first mopping. Gonna have to follow it up with lots more moppings to get all the messiness out. Our cats and our former roomie’s cats had a turf war 😦 Couldn’t get the smell out of the carpet, so we had to get rid of all the beautiful carpet that was down there. *sniffle*

Cleaned up and wiped down the kitchen counter, there was a bread maker sitting there, now it’s put away 🙂


A lot of the stuff I had on the counter and in the window sill ended up on top of the cupboards, I think it looks neato now!


I boiled a carton of the eggs I bought the other day 🙂 All peeled up and ready to eat!

I wrote this out last night, so it still counts as a daily post 🙂  I’d like to add I stayed up too late and it was awful hard not to eat from boredom, and I DID eat some candy…  a couple Nibs and a candy corn sucker… but I stopped myself before I think I overdosed on it 🙂  Also resisted the urge to have a second bowl of chili for dinner and had a couple boiled eggs instead.  I’m not gonna starve myself, just try to make better choices 🙂


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