Food Log and other news.

So on my birthday we went to the store to try on clothes.  Not my favorite activity…  but it was actually alright.  We went to the Cheesecake factory first (I ordered off the “skinnylicious” menu… pretty proud of myself there…)  Clothes shopping reminds me I am entirely too large to here goes the “diet” thing again.  I shall bore everyone here with a food log today…

Today I had a “slim fast” shake (Equate brand really, what same difference I think)

Passed up the offer of a McDonald’s burrito and half a cinnamon roll from the vending machine.  (The roll was from the machine, not the burrito…)

Gave the last two pieces of my sweet potato pie away.

LOTS of water (good thing it was REALLY slow at work today..)

Came home and had two pieces of baked chicken (pretty good if I do say so myself!) and an orange.

Hungry again so now it’s 1 cup of Store Brand Cap’n Crunch and 1 cup of 2% milk with a spoon (half a spoon-full, actually) of chia seeds mixed it.  We shall see how this goes.

Seriously getting tired of myself right now, gotta change it up.



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