February 13th, 2014

Today consisted of mopping the upstairs (again), mopping the main floor (except the bedroom… I didn’t feel like it today), cleaning litter boxes (The kitties used the box I put in the middle of the basement floor and I didn’t find ANY poo on the floor today!!!), laundry, and playing Criminal Minds on facebook.

Mom came over and brought some bleach and a new mop head, and my voucher for Costco so I plan to go there to activate it tomorrow with B.  Also have a test in Beginners Microsoft Word which I hope to pass…  I’m not terribly confident because I use Open Office at home and it’s not exactly the same thing…  So… everyone send out “smart” vibes so I can pass this silly thing and finish my Bachelor’s already… It’s only been 7 years so far..

Also, it seems my friend Tasha is doing 31, which seems to sell handbags, gifts, and accessories.  If you are into that kind of thing, check out her page:  mythirtyone.com/natashagall

Heck, even if you AREN’T into that stuff, check it out anyway 🙂  Christmas is around the corner, right?  :p  Or birthdays or anniversaries or…  you get the picture 😀

Take care of yourselves now,



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