New phone

So I bought myself a new phone for Christmas.  It’s just a little $25 Tracfone but it gives me triple minutes instead of double for the same price, so I figured it was an okay investment.  This one’s a smart phone so I can have apps again!  I have downloaded one to replace my spreadsheet since I always have access to the phone and not always to the spreadsheet.  It keeps track of what I eat and how many calories and told me I went WAY over yesterday.  I never know what to put as the calorie count on things I make at home… so I estimated a cup of the pasta/veggie/mushroom soup casserole at 400 cals each..

Better so far today.  Only ate one of the chalupas and the taco with Pepsi (yummy and WORTH IT!) that came in the meal B brought home for me since he wanted fast food today.  That means I have another chalupa for tomorrow!!!  …unless B eats it…

That’s all for now,



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