I stumbled upon this little gem today on fb. Image



This is my thought process on it:   I see a lot of “This writer’s a jerk” comments on the site it’s posted on, but what I saw was that the first part is how a lot of people see themselves/others see them or say about them. The second part was what people should hopefully see in the long run about themselves… that trying to better oneself is a good thing, despite what “haters” might say/think.

Also, special thanks to Calie for buying my book 🙂  I hope you enjoyed it.  I’ve got a couple favorites in there 🙂  www.lulu.com/hayesis for those who’ve forgotten or didn’t see the site previously and are interested in checking it out.

I’m pretty tired and “energy-less” today, so hopefully the day will go quickly and I can go back to bed and find/capture some more energy for later/tomorrow 🙂  

I think I am in a better mood today.  I might put my ceramic ducks on the shelf above the doorway in the “office” room instead of the China Hutch, I think they’d like it better up there 🙂



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