February 25th, 2014

I started my new job yesterday.  I think it went pretty well.  I’ve figured out how to get some of the tests ready, still working on figuring out others and the other stuff we do there.  On Thursday, I go to another building and get trained on how to use one of the programs on the computer, so that’s cool.  V left me semi-alone (the other full time employee was there, so I wasn’t completely out of luck if I didn’t know how to handle something) and I think I did alright.. except for sending a guy in with a sheet of paper I was supposed to keep :-0  It’s ok… it wasn’t anything he wasn’t allowed to look at, I just needed it for paperwork purposes..  so when I couldn’t find it on the desk, we looked in the testing area and it was sitting next to him, so I popped in and snagged it right quick 🙂  

Someday, I’ll be able to juggle everything.. I just need to get it down to a routine 🙂

I got off work at 2pm and walked myself home.  Stopped at the bank for more quarters in case I wanted to take the bus and noted my face was kind of frozen… so tomorrow….  Scarf!  (or 2)

Got home, checked the mail and gave the felines treats.  They were pretty super happy about that.  I think I’ll make some lunch for me 🙂  Walking home (1.5 miles) from work is my unofficial exercise program.




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