January 31, 2014

Today I finally crawled out of bed to try to finish my shopping that I started yesterday.  I went to No Frills and Walgreens, but haven’t been to Hy-Vee yet..  It’s ok, there are only a couple things I want from there, but they are really necessary..  Shopping went fine and all that, until I was checking out at Walgreens.  The cashier was great, but a couple coupons got missed (I wanted to be able to make sure they would work because some weren’t very clear on what product they could be used for).. while the poor cashier was trying to check them for me, a vender that delivers groceries decides that they must LAY on the doorbell at the receiving door…  Since I used to work at Walgreens up until about 3 weeks ago, I got p***ed for the poor girl.  The doorbell went on relentless for seemed like a full minute, distracting both of us so we couldn’t think straight and causing me to spend more than I needed to 😦

I seriously considered walking over to the delivery truck and letting them have it, but decided to just hide behind my computer and send a complaint email to that company.  Then I did the survey for Walgreens (gave all 9’s because anything lower constitutes a failing grade with corporate) and told them what a great job my cashier did despite the vendor’s rude actions.  

Remember… if you do a survey and you liked the cashier, make sure you give “9’s” because if you don’t, it’s the same as giving them all “1’s”.  

Well anyway…  I think we are pretty well set on cheese, soup, and V8 for a while 🙂  I shouldn’t have to go shopping for another few months now!!  YAY!!!


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