January 29, 2014

I had a bag of baby carrots today for breakfast.. I hope that it didn’t make their mom said…

Former room-mate came by to get some mail that showed up, but didn’t stay too long. It was a nice bit of company for a few minutes 🙂 I’ve been watching 2 Broke Girls lately, so I’ll probably do that today 🙂

I was planning to go to the grocery store before B had to get up and ready for work, but I got distracted for two hours with coupons and ads :O I don’t really have any patience for coupons and comparing and such, so I’m starting slow… Writing down which store has which sales I want and putting coupons for that store in and envelope labelled with the store name if I happen to have them 🙂 MIL brought over a bunch on Sunday so I have a little handful for each store. I think I’ll go shopping tomorrow so I can go to a couple different stores and not worry much about things melting/getting warm in the trunk while I’m in the other store 🙂 I take WAY too long when I’m grocery shopping, I’ll stare at items until I figure out which is the best price ‘cuz I hate spendin’ money!

I did do something productive last night… I washed the mop head ‘cuz it was getting really super gross *bleck*. Now it’s ready for more icky-ness!!


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