My New Blog

So this is my new blog 🙂  For those who don’t know me, my name is Sandra.  I’m married to a wonderful man I like to call “B” with 3 cats who sometimes get along but really act more like children most of the time.  I think this blog will mostly be a stream of consciousness type of thing which I actually learned about in a creative writing class at Metro.  Basically, we just type whatever it is that we are thinking of until we strike some gold for our story.  This method has served me well writing essays for other classes 🙂  Anyhow, I recently quit my job at a retail drug store because I couldn’t handle the extra stress piled on us with less staff to complete more work.  Customer service suffers tons when that happens…  so now I’m a housewife until further notice.  I did apply for a few jobs, but I was rejected on the interview I had last week 😦  So… I shall just keep applying for things and hope to kind of chronicle my journey here for you all.  So here is my plan for now…  Until I get another job, I hope to use this time to make myself healthier.  I’m about 5 foot 5, 5 foot 6 on a “tall” day and… let me go weigh myself…  261.2 according to the scale at this moment.  So yeah.. super unhealthy 😦  I’ll probably use it as a log/accountability tool about what I’ve eaten and if I’ve done anything productive (house-wise) or exercised..  I hope this doesn’t bore you 🙂


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