January 24th, 2014

Hi there 🙂 Yesterday, when I started this little blog I pulled my scale out of the bedroom and put it by my computer so I would actually weigh myself. I know I should only do it weekly, but I wanted a more accurate starting point since I’d already been up most of the day and had already eaten things and I think we all know the scale is more accurate (not that it’s ever truley accurate…) right after a person gets up in the morning 🙂 So today’s weight as of about 10:30 AM was 257.6! Still a ton, but better than yesterday 🙂 Conclusion: Going to bed creates weight loss (hehe) Actually, I hear that is does, because if a body has to operate on an extreme lack of sleep, the body stores fat and also people eat more to sustain the wakefulness… at least I always have..

Something else I thought of yesterday…. I pretty much named this blog something about a stream of consiousness.. I picked the pretty background with water without thinking of the connection, only thought it was pretty pretty 🙂 I figured out they actually go together when I posted the link on fb and had it all laid out for me!!

Today I got up, fed the kids (cats) and started writing out my entry for today. I want to clean out the litter boxes we aren’t using right now and put them in the garage and take the “feeding table” to the garage today. It’s supposed to be pretty nice out, so I won’t freeze my nose off 😀 I did move the food to the floor so far, just have to clean off the “feeding table” the rest of the way, wipe it down, and get it to the garage. Just in case you’re wondering what the “feeding table” is, it started out as a regular little folding wooden table (like for a dining room), ended up in my posession somehow and became a table to put random things on. When we moved here a year ago, I used it as a computer table in the kitchen, well, the little area of the kitchen that is kind of off to the side a little bit, I don’t know what it’s called… it’s kind of like a little space by the windows set a little apart from the kitchen.. anyway… the poor little leg broke off of it (it used to hold up one part of the table, a leaf) so I took the leaf off and moved the table to the front entryway to hold the mail. Then I got the wonderfully bright idea to move it into the dining room/office area and put cat dishes on it! It became the “feeding table” for the kitties so they didn’t have to eat their food from the floor.

As for my best laid plans about getting things done, they may be foiled in favor of going outside and playing with my friends 😀

Well, I guess I am not going to go play with my friends, but maybe it is nice enough outside that I can go for a walk?

Me after doing 2 miles of it (30 minutes)

Later that day…  I decided I’m too much of a wuss to go outside and go for a walk, but I did find a DVD I bought last year.  It’s called Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home Walk Slim 5 Really Big Miles.  I recommend it 🙂


I managed to get through two miles (according to the steps I’m supposed to keep pace with on the video).  Perhaps another 2 miles later or tomorrow?  PROGRESS!!!!!  There is a picture of me holding the DVD case right after I finished 🙂  Probably I should have stretched first…

Oh, one of my cats, Bubby, kept trying to get past me while I was doing sidesteps.  He wasn’t very happy that I kept blocking his path, but he made it through!

As for food today, I’ve had a piece of white sandwich bread with peanut butter and peach fruit jam stuff.  I think I’ll have the same for lunch in about a half hour 🙂  I’ve been taking my slimmetry (left over from my Amway days) pretty good lately, and it seems to help me not eat too much (even if I heap my plate/bowl).

I didn’t get the table moved to the garage, but I did get it cleaned up and listed on craigslist:  http://omaha.craigslist.org/fuo/4302650645.html

I think I’ll install a plug for my book here, it’s a little book of poems I wrote a few years back 🙂 http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/hayesis


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